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  • We are number 1 choice of Quality home builders in TEXAS.
  • We install gutters at over 9,000 homes every year.
  • Our installer has on average over 10 years of experience.
  • We are Bonded and Insured to protect your most valuable investment, your home.
  • We have been in business since 1992. Over 28 years of experience.

Our team always places gutter hangers every two to three feet to ensure adequate support, and properly anchor downspouts to prevent leaks.  We don’t just meet industry standards for material and workmanship, we strive to exceed them.

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The size of gutter depends on the size of home, slope of roof, average rain in the area and many other factors.  Our specialist installer analyzes and recommend the best solution for your home, which is the most economical, affordable and most importantly effective and efficient for your home.

Industry standard is 5” K style gutter.  This is the best option for most homes.  5” may not sounds big enough, but if its properly installed, it can handle almost any kind of water flow.

In some cases, especially for larger homes, 6” gutter system works better. Particularly if the roof  is made of tiles or metal, it is recommended to use 6” gutter system to ensure proper drainage and flow of rainwater.  6” gutters are capable of drain and direct water flow quickly and efficiently from the property to protect its value.

We provide quality seamless gutters installation to the residents of DFW, Waco, and Houston metro area.  Seamless Gutters means, No Seams, No Leaks.



If you notice your gutter system is not functioning properly, please contact Kodiak Gutters for a FREE EVALUATION AND ESTIMATE. Do not wait for a small leak to become a bigger problem. Small leaks could create more expensive damage to your property and ended up costing you a lot more money in costly repairs down the road.


  • To Avoid Wood Rot and Wrap
  • Avoid Mildew
  • Prevent Roof issues.
  • Prevent Foundation issues.
  • Avoid Insect and Pest Issues.
  • Prevent Home Paint.

When working properly, rain gutters have only one function. Divert the rainwater away from your home. Home gutters protect the foundation of your home, prevent erosion, and protect your landscaping.  They will stop mold and mildew to grow, prevent staining to the exterior of your home and mitigate paint damage.

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Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. We take pride on providing excellent service and product to our clients.
Peace of mind is important to our clients when they engage a gutter company to install gutters at their homes.
We stand behind our products and provide all are homeowner clients 1 to 10 years of warranty on workmanship
depending type of installation, and 20 years warranty on all material.

We are fully bonded and insured for all our work.


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